Understanding Probate in Orange County, California & Out-Of-State Issues

Few people have ever probated a will or understand the responsibilities that come with being named an executor or administrator. That is why it is important to work with a law team that understands the ins and outs of California probate.

When you work Olson Law we will listen as you share your concerns and questions, offer advice suited to your needs, and act as your guide as you address the following issues:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of the executor or administrator
  • Resolving debt issues
  • Locating a missing will
  • Understanding the probate process when there is no will
  • Understanding how long the probate process may take
  • Out-of-state issues during probate
  • Ancillary probate
  • The responsibilities of an out-of-state executor or administrator
  • Probating a foreign will

Regardless of whether you are the executor or administrator, or a beneficiary concerned with how the decedent’s estate is being managed, we will work with you directly from start to finish ensuring your interests have a voice.

Probate Representation That’s Flexible For Families Throughout Orange County, California & The United States.

When working with a probate attorney, you want someone who will be there for you, ready to answer questions and provide straightforward advice. From my office in Southern California, we represent families in Orange County, Riverside County and other communities in the Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County areas. We also represent clients spread across the state and interested parties outside California.